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This is a special offer for Moose Jaw Lacrosse.  These packages are only available as is. Packages #1 & 2 are meant for Novice ages & under, however anyone can order anything – great foo gifts!  Must order using the order form – Link below.  Everything must be prepaid via cash, cheque or email invoice.

To order please use the form on the separate tab.
Orders must be in by March 15, 2018.
Questions please email moosejawlacrosse@gmail.com.


**Gorilla – Player’s name there Gorilla, they cradle & throw him around (less damage to the house lol) .  Its something fun & different from a ball, it stays in their stick better while cradling vs ball.

Package #1: $55.00                              Package #2: $50.00                             
* STX Stallion 55 Lacrosse Stick           * STX Stallion 55 Lacrosse Stick
* Custom MJLAX Stick Wrap                 * Custom MJLAX Stick Wrap
* Soft Indoor Ball                                   * Soft Indoor Ball
* Waterbottle with Sticker                    * Gorilla
* Gorilla

Package #3: $25.00
* Custom MJLAX Stick Wrap
* Soft Indoor Ball
* Waterbottle with Sticker
* Gorilla